Prague mission towards zero emissions

We shall not be blind to the environment we live in. Prague has the chance to become a leader in the fight against climate change. We are determined not to waste it. That’s why we are presenting the Prague Climate Plan 2030 which is our first big step on our mission towards carbon neutrality.

Prague Climate Plan 2030

Sustainable Energy and Buildings

Prague is responsible for 10 % of the whole energetic consumption of the Czech Republic. The city should aim for independence of external fossil energy suppliers and reorient itself more towards its own production based on renewable sources. A rich building fund can play a crucial role. What are the specific steps that can be achieved? 

Obrázek Udržitelná energetika a budovy

Sustainable Mobility

Prague has the advantage of a quality public transport system, as well as of many more alternative means of transport besides personal automobiles. The city should keep the pace with newest automotive trends in order not to fall behind. Modernization of functioning routes, support for the cycle-infrastructure and accessible network of recharge stations for electromobiles – what are the other possibilities when it comes to transportation?

Obrázek Udržitelná mobilita

Circular Economy

Prague can have a crucial influence on how we transform the waste into resources. The city should simultaneously concentrate on preventing the creation of waste and keeping it in its life cycle for as long as possible and productive. Circular economy is basically a lifestyle. How can this way of thinking become a part of metropolitan life?

Obrázek Cirkulární ekonomika

Adaptation Measures

Prague, same as other big cities, functions as an urban heat island. Asphalt and concrete surfaces are emanating heat even during nights and their overall temperature gets significantly higher in comparison to nearby green areas. Majority of the rain water disappears quickly from the city premises into the sewers. Dry areas and hot days lead to citizens ailing in terms of both comfortability and healthiness. Though measures to limit these negative effects exist. They can constitute a more healthy, green and blue living environment. How can that be achieved with the help of adaptation?

Obrázek Adaptační opatření

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